About  Dale F. Meyer

Dale's love for photography began at a young age with his first camera being a black and white Instamatic film camera. His interest in photography never faded, and in his early 20's Dale attended college classes for photography given by a Master Photographer who became Dale’s friend, mentor and teacher in the art of photographic image making,darkroom processes, and print making.

Dale is a Fine Art Landscape and Nature Photographer. He has mastered all formats of the photographic medium and spent considerable time using 4x5 large format cameras where critical techniques coupled with a slower approach to image making honed Dale’s vision in the art of photographic composition. As a result Dale employs the Tilt-Shift Perspective Control Lenses with the digital medium in many of his photographs striving to create images of near far sharpness taken at optimal apertures for the best quality image capture.

Dale is currently using Canon 5DSR, 35mm camera Bodies for a true raw unfiltered 50 megapixel file of unparalleled capture. The gear however very important are only tools of the trade. Dale believes in the Light of Gods Light in every photo he captures, and acknowledges his beautiful wife's unwavering love, support and encouragement in his life and every photographic endeavor he has undertaken! He has a heart of passion to trek into the wilderness, overcome the obstacles, photograph Gods beauty and bring images back to share with the world.

Dale is married with grown children and grandchildren. He is currently based in Arkansas but often photographs in the Smoky Mountains, the Carolina's, Southern Places and on the Eastern Seaboard.